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Oracle Apex: Dynamic Action Refresh

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a dynamic action to refresh a report region on the select list change event.

Suppose you have an employee report, and you have a requirement to filter the report result on the Job column. You have created a select list above the report and added the distinct Job column values such as Manager, Analyst, Clerk, etc. Below is the screenshot:

Oracle Apex report filter.

Now to filter the report whenever the user changes the job value from the select list. First, you will have to define a where clause for the employee report. Below is an example:

JOB = nvl(:P6_LIST, JOB)

Here the P6_LIST is the select list item for the Job column. If the select list's value is null, then it will show all the records; if not, then it will apply the where clause to show the records for the selected job.

Now create a dynamic action on the select list for the Change event and select the Action Refresh. Also, specify the selection type Region and specify the report region. Below is the screenshot:

Dynamic action to refresh report in Oracle Apex

Save the changes and run the page. You will have the output as below:

Filtered report using dynamic action in Oracle Apex.